Collab with Craft La

Hellooo peeps! Oh boy, where do I start. I have not been hanging around in here for quite some time. Sincere apology guys! The reason that I have been away is because of several reasons which I’m gonna talk about it in my next one but not now, in this post heh heh.

We are now embarking in a new year of 2019. My last post was in like what…2017?? Oopss..Time passes incredibly fast when one is busy chasing after one’s dreams and fulfilling their commitments & responsibilities. Putting this aside, recently I have picked up a few skills just to improve myself and wholesomeness. Also, in a way one step closer towards my dream, perhaps =P

Long story short, I came across to this fantastic platform where one gets to learn a new set of skills without even having to travel aka moving your butt around, and wasting any time and unnecessary expenses. How can I be so selfish and not share this to all my friends and viewers out there? Sharing is caring, remember that people!

This amazing thing that I am referring to is this drum roll CRAFT La online workshop. Lemme give you a brief background on what CRAFT La is all about. It all started off with the thought of the founder of CRAFT La, Paul who believes that our local art scene is not fully appreciated by the people out there due to lack of accessibility etc. Therefore, Paul came out with the idea of providing a media platform for our local talented artists to showcase and market their handmade beautiful crafts online.



The evolutionary transformation of CRAFT La is implausible. From a place where one can have duo transaction whether to display and showcase your talent in making handicrafts and artisan to purchasing all these lovely items online which will then arrive safely at your doorstep. And now, to a platform or media for you to learn these skills yourself, making the most out of it by surprising your loved ones. Yes, you heard me! You can now learn and master these skills anytime and anywhere.


CRAFT La now also offers online educational workshops where one who has the burning desire to master a new set of skills by yourself easily and conveniently. There are so many courses for you to pick from and all you got to do is head on to to sign up. Believe me, this comes in really handy when you are so busy with adulthood but at the same time, always wanting to pick up a new hobby or to make something really special for your friends and family in a short period of time. With the existence of CRAFT La online workshops, one will have less headaches on where and how to start as all steps are properly guided by their talented instructors.

For more information on what is the hype of these workshops about, I suggest you to head over to their website at to start researching on the courses and products that they are offering. Or you can also hop onto their social media accounts via Facebook and Instagram at and

Honestly, I feel so pumped up to quickly master the skill that I am about to pick up, the moment when I found out about their unique service.  Not forgetting, the community of CRAFT La are such friendly and nice people where you do not need to feel shy or worry about being judged if you are slow in picking new things up as we all know that everyone’s progression is different and should not be compared intuitively.

With Valentine’s Day is around the corner, why don’t you guys sign up for these classes and surprise your other half or best friend at a whole new level. Forget about those fancy dinner and luxurious gifts, lets us all focus on putting in effort instead. If any of you out there are interested, feel free to sign up by using this special promo-code: AMANDACRAFTLA where you get to enjoy a 15% rebate instantly on any videos or courses purchased. So, what are you waiting for now? Click on the ‘Sign Me Up’ as Rome wasn’t built within a day! =) Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ❤ 






Feeling stress free is not impossible..

Work and commitments are slowing falling apart and you know you are way behind schedule, your friendships and relationships are no longer as intimate as before. And you know something isn’t right. You feel that everything is out of your control. Causing your inner emotions and thoughts to be bewildered. You feel like you are suffocating and hungrily gasping for air in order to survive. Nonetheless, you settle it by keeping quiet and isolating yourself from the society. Thinking that you are weak and peculiar as everyone does not feel the same-judging from their faces and behaviours. But trust me, even the elites sometimes do encounter such circumstances! What distinguish you from them is the way you manage and disguise it. For certain people, their ways are absolutely undeniable and top notch. On the other hand, for some, they are struggling. They fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel and they think that they will be trapped in this overwhelming situation forever.

On a brighter note, a big shoutout to the massive advancement in technology. Things have became better than before. Apps and software programmes have helped mankind tremendously. And because of amelioration, every technology/software company out there are desperately developing and creating the best apps in order to stay relevant in today’s competitive market. 

Heard of Thrive? Thrive is a UK software company that creates and develops app for your electronic devices, attempting to optimise your mind and consequently, life. This amazing app helps to detect, prevent and manage common mental health conditions, using clinically proven techniques such as CBT and mindfulness techniques. 


Developed by NHS trained psychologists and psychiatrists, along with an expert games developer, Thrive is now available to everyone. All you need to do is to download the app and get your journey started with it! The best thing about this app is that it is easily accessible. Thrive: Feel Stress Free is available to download via all apple and android devices. One can also use it via your browser on all computers, preferably Google Chrome. 


The app consists of 4 main relaxation techniques. They are calm breathing, meditation, deep muscle relaxation and applied relaxation. These techniques are evidence-based, clinically proven and used in real life therapy to help manage common mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and mild depression. In the long run, resilience and resistance towards these evil stuff will be embedded within one’s self and you can finally kiss goodbye to all those negative thoughts and self talks. By completing the fun activities within Thrive, individuals will know be able to monitor and track their own progress hence, coping better with the stresses of everyday life. 


Of course, confidentiality and anonymity is the heart in Thrive. All datas and information are safely encrypted and run through secured servers in the UK. Therefore, one do not have to worry about getting exposed or whatsoever. The results and outcomes of the activities you ran through the app are personalised to only one user. Unauthorised users are not allowed to go through the things you do within the app or even, view your profile/details. To me, this factor is rather essential especially for people who are not ready to face it.  

22343866_1458160070899730_327456824_o (1)



Last Thought: All in all, I really enjoyed using this app. It has help me to easily identify the root causes of my emotions and thoughts. I am now more aware of my surrounding and feelings. I start to know myself better and became wiser in searching  for immediate, sustainable relieve prior to experiencing a panic attack. Another feature that I really love is the soothing, calm music playing at the background of the app. The sound of waves and the depiction of ‘Calm Island’ on the screen makes my experience even more surreal. Therefore, I highly recommend that this app will be so helpful to the community in assisting one to cope and manage one’s anxiety and stressors in life. 

For more information and to download, kindly click on the link below:

Thank you Thrive: Feel Stress Free for having me!!! And till then…HAPPY STRESS FREE guys =)))

Key It Simple

You know it. You know you are having a difficult time in choosing the appropriate gift especially when your company or department organised a function/event and where one of the closing ceremony activities will be a gift exchange among colleagues and respective teams. I had been through this and witnessed this myself before.

I remember back then, when I was doing my internship 3 years ago, there was a Welcoming Party for the new joiners. Since I was an intern, I figured out that I might ended up feeling lost and out of place hence, I went MIA. After all, as far as I knew only a few interns who actually bothered to participate. To avoid any awkward situations, I instead joined the discussion with my team for the gift preparation.

I remember vividly that period was quite stressful for some of them as they did not know what to expect and what was the benchmark or minimal requirement when giving a gift to a colleague. Of course, when one works in a corporate world, everyone strives so hard to avoid creating any awkward moments that could potentially embarrass someone. Because ‘what goes around, comes around’. You know what I mean.

On a side note, recently I received this packaging from Key It Simple. They are notable for their Swiss Knife Style Premium Key Organiser.


Honestly, when I fist heard of this, I thought it’s some kind of a swiss knife and that’s about it. Initially, I was quite hesitant in accepting this project. Later did I know that, the tiny device could offer more than that.



Product description: Swift Knife Style Premium Key Holder

Key features & functions:

An Innovative Key Organiser using Swiss Knives Concept to help you organise your keys. This is a product which can organise bulky and messy keys into a compact shape. It can prevent phone scratches and bulky pockets so that it wont hurts when one is seated. Also, it allows you to organise your keys so that you do not have to search your keys high and low when prior to opening a lock. Key It Simple simply can hold up to 6-8 keys! And it comes in 4 trendy outrageous colours for you to pick.

 1. Premium Black



2. Passion Red




3.Tropical Blue


4. Exclusive Silver

Recently, the brand had launched an additional accessory which now allows you to carry the standard amount of keys. Extension Screw at a mere RM 5.00, you can now carry as many as 10-20 keys. Comparatively, the previous standard Key It Simple only allows one to store 6-8keys at one compact place. Either way, it still helps to prevent scratches to your wallet and phone when you put into your pocket and handbag etc.
If only I have came across to this product earlier, I would have recommended this to my team and seniors. Because one, it is extremely practical for working adults and two, the design is so chic, trendy and unusual that nobody would have given the most accurate wild guess that it’s a key organiser. Hence, something really relevant and applicable when you have a gift exchange in your department or perhaps incorporate this as a door gift in any special events.
Before I go, I reckon this post is so relatable to people who are working in a corporate world or are involved in an event management. I really do hope you find this helpful which then, spark more wonderful ideas for you. For more info, do check out their fb page as per below! 
 key it simple video

Thanks for having me @keyitsimple! =)

Jonlivia Review

Hi guys!!! I’m back at it again with another review LOL. First and foremost, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Jonlivia for offering their signature product ie. Their Long Active Hotpants. Before I go in depth on this, lemme take you a glance through of the brand itself. Jonlivia emphasises on 3 key items ie. ‘Style, Performance and You’. Jonlivia believes that what is more important in activewear is that the experience that one feels from the inside and out. Is not just about weight management and shedding the extra pounds instead, is more about what you feel internally and of course, everyone deserves to look fabulously awesome in any outfit that they chose to present themselves in which, this is the whole point of fashion.


Jonlivia has been 3 years in the active lifestyle wear market in Malaysia. They have transformed and innovate tremendously from they first started to their current proposition. Their vision is to transform the brand to be the leader in healthy lifestyle wear by driving the style innovation experience to their customers.

What differentiates them to other sportswear brand is the promises that the product offers are indeed deliverable.

1. 100% genuine Neoprene made

The underlying reason on why Hotpants work so well is due to its material that makes it, which is called Neoprene. In other words, ‘Heatprene’ where this piece of material helps to control body heat when one is moving. Consequently, causes the person to burn even more calories and getting rid of the excess water retained in one’s body. Also, it allows the wearer to burn and sweat where those sweat will then reabsorbed into the pants itself. Fyi, this super absorbent feature is the first airy fabric built-in in Malaysia.


2. Superb design

What I really love about this hotpants is the design. It’s high-waist where it covers my tummy. This is rather essential as I am a very self-conscious person. I do not want my belly to look ugly and flabby or jiggling when I’m running or attending any of my fitness classes. I want it to be all covered and tucked in which also helps to shape and define my tummy.


3. When sportswear comes in handy

The title says it all. Imagine you are at the gym doing your workout or at the park for a run, you just need this little tiny whiny space or pocket in storing your key, cash or identity/gym membership card. Fret not now! The latest hotpants is equipped with an inner pocket where you can now put away your personal valuables at a safe place and not to be worried about dropping it (the pocket is inside of the pants at the RHS of the waistband).

On top of this incredible hotpants, Jonlivia also sent me their Slimming Shirt Shaper. It actually comes in 2 colours ie. Nude and black. I was hoping to receive the nude one so that it ain’t that obvious when I wear underneath my evening/cocktail dresses. Unfortunately, I received the black one instead.

Initially, I was quite sceptical on how should I wear it since most of my dresses are quite revealing in terms of the colour.  However, I managed to figure it out hehehe.


I guess many of you might wonder does a slimming shaper really work? I can’t provide a solid comment for now as I yet to have the time to really try it on and gauge/monitor the outcome. Anyway, there are a few information out there posted by Jonlivia on its official website which, I would like to point out.

1.Enhances upper body shape

One of its function is of course, to enhance your upper body shape. You need that curves girl! This will be really helpful when you put on a really tight fitting dress. Trust me, you do want to look defined and trimmed when putting on your dress.

2.Slimming effect

I believe that every girl do not wish for their belly fats to be that obvious even when one puts a top on. This will be kinda unpleasant . Idk about you, but I do think so. This bad boy claims to reduce or slim down one’s belly fat. This is rather interesting. I was like, ‘seriouslyyyy???!!! As I have plenty of fats at my abdomen for it to burn (if it does work)’. Hence, I can now put the Slimming Shirt Shaper in extra good use without exerting any effort.

3. When inner wear turns out to be part of your #ootd/n

Pinterest gave me a really amazing idea! Really! If one can’t use it as an inner wear, by all means turn it into a top instead. The design of this Slimming Shirt Shaper is not like an obvious innerwear or so. It actually can be used to match your skirt or pants and this will expand your wardrobe options. Personally, I felt really classy and confident when I put that on as my top in order to match with my new black slit skirt from MDS. It did make me felt like a diva queen and I feel like this combination is a perfect outfit for parties/dinner dates.



I think that’s gonna be it! Thank you so much for reading and dropping by. Seriously, I appreciate and love every viewers of mine. A little update on my life, I have been really busy with work. My confirmation date for my full time job is approaching hence, I need to perform my deliverables besides juggling my passion being a part time blogger/influencer. Feeling quite stressful and busy atm, really hope that this season will pass *fingers crossed*. I’m really sorry for turning this into a ranting scene but yeah, things have not turned out quite well for me recently. On a side note, we are now in the midst of 2017. How time flies! I hope each and everyone of you are doing good in life. Till then…cheers!



My makeup routine to work

Greetings everyone!!! Lately, I have been asked by friends & family on what’s my on-the-go makeup routine like when I’m rushing to work. And when I told them it takes me about half an hour to shower, do my makeup and hair. They got a shock of their life with my answer and they babbled all the way to ask me even more. My answer to this is, ‘I guess it takes a lot of practice and your own initiative’.  On a side note, I truly believe that real beauty does not just come from the outer look. A person who gives out positivity and good vibes also do play a part of it. When the both combines, you have it all girl!!!

Right, back to the topic. Personally, I feel that my make up routine to work isn’t as great as you thought (if you get what I mean) compared to famous beauty enthusiast out there. Theirs are the bomb. They put in so much effort and time into it. So without further adieu, lets get straight to the steps!

After cleansing my face and doing all my ritual skincare steps, I will of course, start off with the primer. What’s the point of applying foundation if you do not have primer first as a base. Your makeup will just vanished after some time (I mean fade LOL). Atm, I’m using 2 different types of primer. I alternate them or I used whichever I feel like it. Hence, these 2 guys are:

1. Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Prime


2. Shu uemura


My next step is foundation. I have been using Laneige BB Cushion in the shade of Beige however, the one I always reach for, is unfortunately used up and I have not stock up on it yet. As a substitute, I’m using this CC Cream from The Skin Shop which I legitimately got it from Korea. To apply it, I use my cute little pink beauty blender from Sephora.



After the so-called liquid foundation, I will be using this concealer stick by L’Oreal in Ivory to conceal my eye bags and my disgusting acne scars or pimples.


Thereupon, to set everything up and put everything in place, I will reach for this compressed powder by Cathy Doll.


Alrighty done with the face. Next up, contouring. Currently I’m using the 3-in-1 shades in one palette in the shade of 03 Tanned, where they have 2 different shades for contouring and just one for highlighting. I will then, grab my contour brush and start contouring. Recently, I have been liking the fake tanned/bronzed look. I feel somehow it enhances my features and I have received comments like, ‘have you been sunbathing?’ Guess my fake tanned technique is lit!



Prior to highlighting (using the same palette as above), I will first apply my blusher. I am using the one from Cyber Colors which is also a product from Korea in the shade of 03 Rose Petal.


Finally. Done with the face. Next up, the brows and the eyes. Hang in there girls, these are the final few steps anddddd we are done!!


For brows, in outlining the shape, I’m using the brow pencil from TheFace Shop in the shade of 03 Brown. After outlining, I will grab my eyebrow mascara to fill them up and this guy here is in the shade of 03 gray brown in order to match with my hair colour. What I really love about this eyebrow mascara is that the applicator/brush is so freaking soft and user friendly which makes it easier for me to shape my brows and to resolve the messy eyebrow issue.

Image result for browcara the face shop designing

Brows: Checked! To keep my eyes alive (if you know what I mean), I use the Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner in drawing my upper eye lid. Because I’m working in a corporate world and to look professional, I omit the cat eye wink. Also, to make it look less dramatic, I do not draw my lower eye lid too aka waterline. The key here is subtle, fine and delicate.


Last but not least, the lippy!!! For the lips, I’m using this liquid lipstick by the Balm in the colour nude. Like OMG, seriously guys, I have been lovin this colour ever since I first tried on it. I never failed to pick it up over and over again. Definitely a good buy, I reckon!


And that’s going to be it for this time round. I hope you guys did enjoy reading and browsing through the makeup products that I’m currently using. Upon signing off, I wish all of you have an amazing weekend ahead as it’s friyay and till then.. Chao!!! xoxo


Gap Year & Random Thoughts

Generally, how the outcome of gap year turns out, is completely dependant on the person itself. For instance, how that particular person actually make full use of the ‘free time’ as opposed to  how the other person with full time commitments spend on a daily basis. You get the idea? I hope so…

2016 was my ‘Gap Year’ – I would say. It’s not that I wasn’t doing anything nor didn’t I have any responsibilities or so. Is just that I have decided to label it as my gap year. Why so?

2016 aka last year was the year after I graduated. I finished uni in 2015 and I returned home for good. At that point in time, I was so confused with what was beheld in front of me. What will my future be like? Am I making the right decision for myself? Every night before going to bed, I questioned myself to search for the answer. As if there was a test in school tomorrow or something. I rejected the offer to become an accountant, to work in a Big 4 because one, I knew auditing was not my cup of tea and two, due to my personal health issues. I knew myself well that if I were to step into that zone and kept adhering to societal norms, I would relapse and suffer for the rest of my life. Hence, I chose to go against everything. People smirked at me (well, not literally or behind my back) on why on earth was I so foolish to forgo such a great opportunity. To me, I thought that road  was the beginning of my black hole.

Till today, I am happy with the choice I made. So, what did I end up doing then? It wasn’t planned nor the thought of it appeared in my mind before. NOPE!!! Tbh, I made loads of job applications out there and finally I landed to become a teacher. An English teacher in an International School in Malaysia. I was teaching Year 10 kids with really limited English language capability. At the beginning, I was so afraid that my panic attack would just come during classes when I was teaching at the front. I remember how nerve wrecking it was back then in my university days when I was supposed to do any presentations that sort of stuff. Due to the nature of my job, ie. Talking and presenting in front of people everyday managed to boost up my confidence and I did actually enjoy it.

I was teaching about 6 months and I learnt a lot from it. It was part of my recovery process I would say. I became braver to speak my thoughts out and to display what emotions I felt from the inside and to behave what I ought to or what my heart desired. I became more expressive and I started destructing the barrier I imposed within myself. I became freer during interaction and somehow my actions were a true reflection of what I felt from the inside.

Because of the people I met last year till today, it reinforces the idea that I am worth living and that I am beautiful. Though, occasionally, I still have those nasty thoughts in my head, I have to say that I am proud of myself for not doing anything silly and harmful.

Other than personal development, I am now more aware of my interest and passion. I used to ignore them and had second thoughts about it. Now, I acknowledged and ensuring them to be realised.

This platform is a perfect example. I started writing in pouring out my emotions. Not to mention, I became more transparent when I am about to post or say something on social medias. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s not like what you think. In here, transparency is defined as something that I no longer ponder for ages before posting something. I no longer care as much as I did last time. Judgments, comments and words from people no longer as hurtful as before. I became less susceptible. 

However, I am still struggling with it. Not going to lie. Nothing is perfect and beyond beautiful in this world and that’s what life is all about. Even while writing this, I am going through a huge battle of body image issue in my head. At one point, I could not accept that I have gained weight and I hated myself immensely. On the other hand, I  actually tackled these thoughts by thinking that I am a young woman now. Women are gifted with curves, boobs and butt. Hence, I should learn to embrace them. It does not matter if my waistline, hips and thighs are few inches bigger and wider. Numbers and sizes do not define me and are not my identity. I am of myself and I am composed of many other beautiful elements. A statement which I ought to remind myself every morning before going through the day…


Veet Sensitive Touch review

Forget about booking an appointment for getting your brows fix. Though, pampering yourself at the Benefit brow bar is a dream come true for every girl-I assume. However, lets be realistic. We can’t be dropping by at Beauty parlours or SEPHORA that often to get this done due to budget constraint, lack of time, commitments, inconvenience etc etc. Though, I really wish I could since there’s a SEPHORA store at my working place LOL.

By just going into the store is a real stress reliever for me. Anyway back to the subject.  What if there’s a romantic date with your loved ones or a party/concert that you have been dying to attend? And what if one day, you have decided to chill at the beach and the moment you walk out from your bathroom after a shower, you realise that you have not shaved asdfghjkl!!!! How on earth are you gonna rock under your bikini and looking as hot as Kim Kardashian??!!!

Seems like you are in deep shit. Well, not really if you have this portable electric trimmer by Veet which brings you to the rescue!!!! Recently, they have just launched a new product in the market – Sensitive Touch™ Beauty Trimmer which is a beauty tool that offers gentle shaving and precise shaping for delicate body parts. It can be used to remove facial hair, underarms and bikini line. So, what is so special about this product?


  1. Quick & gentle – It easily remove any unwanted hair at one go without the fear of getting cuts.
  2. High precision –  A beauty accessory dedicated to get precise shaping and styling
  3. On-the–go tool –  Ideal for quick touch up wherever you want
  4. Water rinseable – Wash it under slow running water or utilise the cleaning brush given

So what are you waiting for girls??!! Grab a Veet Electric Trimmer now from any pharmacy or drugstore and you will able to experience all these by just using the beauty device itself regardless, of whatever function that you are up too.

The best thing is at the price that you are paying, you don’t just get the device when you purchase it. Inside the packaging, you are also given;


  • 1 x 2 Sided Trimming Head – 16mm and 6mm
  • 1 x comb attachment (2mm & 4mm) to uniform hair length
  • 1 x Styler cap in protecting the head for hygiene  purpose

Other Body Areas:

  • 1 x 1 sided Trimming Head (20mm)
  • 1 x comb attachment to uniform hair length

Other Accessories:

  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Beauty pouch that comes in handy during travelling and putting it away on your dressing table
  • 1 x AA Battery


All these tiny tools and the device itself are super user-friendly and convenient.  You can always grab and throw them into your handbag without having to worry of breaking it and what not. And feel free to touch up your brows whenever needed when you are at the loo or having a toilet break at work.

Retailing at just RM 119 whole nationwide. It is definitely a good value for money. I strongly believe Veet has also rolled out this particular beauty gadget in other countries but of course, with varying prices due to currency exchange.

My thoughts:

I reckon this is by far the most convenient and helpful  beauty product in the market. Definitely worth purchasing and recommending to people. I no longer have to fret about my messy brows. Hopefully, with this product someday, I will then able to improve my trimming and shaping skills and making eyebrow tutorial videos for my viewers.